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LuxuryMarkets is the premier destination for luxury pre-owned watches. Now, you can leverage the highly esteemed reputation of World of Luxury to sell your pre-owned luxury watch on our website. World of Luxury has created a new, free service that will allow you to sell your ownluxury men’s watches and women’s watches on our site.

Because World of Luxury has an outstanding reputation as a premier seller of luxury watches, you can add your highly sought after used watches for sale to our site for free. We are offering this new service. We don't look to make any money or charge any fees for this services; we simply want to provide a space where watch sellers and luxury watch buyers can come together.

People are always looking for a place to sell used watches, and our service on the LuxuryMarkets website makes it easy to sell or buy used watches reaching the largest possible used luxury watches customer base. The process for listing your used watches on our website is simple. You can see our Sell Your Watch page here.

Please follow these simple steps to become a registered used watch seller on our web site and start listing your pre-owned watches for sale:

Step 1. Please email at info@luxurymarkets.com and our customer service department will set you up in our system as a watch seller.
Step 2. Once we set you up to start selling used watches on our web site, we will email your username and password along with a link to our Watch Seller section.
Step 3. Log in to your Watch Seller account to start selling your used watches. Please include detailed description of your used luxury watches, upload pictures of your watch, and provide your contact information (email and/or phone number) to allow potential buyers get in touch with you directly.

As you can see, we tried to make the process as simple as possible to list your luxury used watches on our web site and allow buyers and sellers contact each other directly without our involvement. If you have any ideas about how we can make it even easier for buyers and sellers of pre-owned luxury watches to buy/sell on this portal, please email us at info@luxurymarkets.com and provide your suggestions/recommendations.

LuxuryMarkets provides this service to watch collectors, so that they can connect with with each other to buy and sell used watches, we are not involved in the sales and purchase transaction at all. As a seller, you will be responsible for selling used watches, concluding the transaction with your buyer, and shipping the watch. Luxurymarkets cannot be held liable in any way for any misrepresentations in descriptions and/or any other discrepancies – please work out details among yourself.

World of Luxury is dedicated to providing superior service to our customers, and understand that having a secure and reputable location for selling used watches is important. Be sure to check out our Sell Your Watch section today!