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Today, Manufacture ROGER DUBUIS is an efficient and independent company that is intending to assertitself as one of the major specialized firms in the luxury goods sector. ROGER DUBUIS is prepared to rise toall kinds of challenges and to invent dynamic and innovative working methods in order to improve itsservices. Under the impetus of its President, it’s developing a new model of hands-on managementdistinguished by its creativity, by its speed and adaptability in meeting the highest demands of theinternational clientele.
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  • Roger Dubuis-Kings...
    Price: AED 65,000.00
    Discount Price: AED 55,250.00
  • Roger Dubuis-Excal...
    Price: AED 73,300.00
    Discount Price: AED 58,640.00
  • Roger Dubuis-Golde...
    Price: AED 77,000.00
    Discount Price: AED 61,600.00
  • Roger Dubuis-Easy ...
    Price: AED 126,000.00
    Discount Price: AED 100,800.00
  • Roger Dubuis-Excal...
    Price: AED 153,700.00
    Discount Price: AED 130,645.00
  • Roger Dubuis-Excal...
    Price: AED 188,000.00
    Discount Price: AED 159,800.00